Healing Intentions for Earth (Volume 1)
Healing Intentions For Earth

This collection of positive affirmations chronicle the weekly focus of a small group with the goal of healing and love for our planet. By reading, writing and sharing these statements, our own vibrations are raised. We may become happier, more peaceful and confident - that energy effects those around us, and goes out to the earth as well.




Share Your Stories And Ideas, Gifts for Family And Friends
Put Out A Fundraiser Poetry,
Story Or Cookbook
Produce Lasting Family Memories - Memorialize A Special Year
Write A Children’s Book For A Special Person
Explain Your Services To Clients In Your Own Small Book

Photo Books
Photo Restoration


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Many ways to access
your abundant energies
and enhance wellness

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Definitions of these three words are plentiful!

Energy:     The unseen power that we all have and know of - we know when we have enough of it and feel it as "Wow, great energy" 
~ Also known as Prana, Chi, Qi, The Force     

"Energy is all there is!" ~ Donna Eden

"Energy is eternal delight" ~ William Blake  

Conscious:   "Perceiving, apprehending or noticing with a degree of controlled thought. Awareness, knowing something within oneself; .. Ahh a Realization!

Organic: This word has been overused and meanings had been muddied! My definition is about the pure flow of the natural world    

Explore Your Options    
                      Optimize Your Energy 

Energy Medicine
Simple Techniques - Incredible Self-help

Energy Psychology
Meridian Tapping
               Emotional Release

Divining Answers
                 Accessing Body Wisdom

For info about classes or sessions for these
topics and how to use them for
Restful Sleep * Cooking for health
Vision Improvement *Weight Coaching

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dowser's eyesight book

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social media,
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facebook,social,social network,sn
social media,
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facebook,social,social network,sn
social media,
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