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Doors To Healing  (thanks to Gary Craig for the Five Doors To Healing idea! That's what started it- and  many others have tapped into similar metaphors.)   Keep scrolling to find out more about the energy medicine door, the spiritual door, the nutrition door, the emotional door and the medical door.

Can you imagine the doors to your castle or cabin?

Perhaps you have heard of the metaphor of comparing ourselves to a dwelling. What is your dwelling, your home inside of yourself, like to you? Is it a temple, a little cabin in the forest, a falling down shack, a castle- with a mote, or maybe you can imagine a palace of possibilities? Whatever image you start with now, we can clean out the accumulated debris and let in the light and start feeling better and better and great. Here are some keys and doors and paths to explore and rediscover.


Let's knock on all doors to access our optimum clarity and vibrant health ~

    Awaken our inner healers ~         We have the keys in our hands ~

The out of doors, Nature, is an important base and key to discovering and opening the doors for our healing journey. This awareness of the vital parts of nature and that they are a vital part of us, can lead us to becoming whole and healthy. . In native cultures and healing practice over the world, people found themselves recovering from diverse problems when out of doors, connecting with nature.

Look to improve the quality and connection to these areas in your life- and as these strengthened- find that so is our mind, body, and spirit! We really can get in touch and sense and know nature. Many cultures and ancient peoples identified parts of nature and recognized the incredible force of these elements as :

WIND [fresh air], Please find a place to breath some fresh air! Walking, even slowly, has been shown to be very, very beneficial.

FIRE [light and warmth], Check here for discussion on Vit D and the sun, sunscreen and now- list of parks in our area.

WATER [this essence of our bodies deserves another page],

EARTH -  One way to be in touch with nature- that natural way of wellbeing – is through our intimate connection with the earth! The foods that we take into our bodies, the foods that our grown in and from the earth’s vital nutrients, and air and water and sunlight give this to us - We're connected. The very essential minerals and vitamins that we need for vibrant life come from the earth through our foods, leading to  #1:

1) Perhaps most important is the door of Nutrition.

One way to be in touch with nature- that natural way of wellbeing – is through our intimate connection with the earth! The foods that we take into our bodies, the foods that our grown in and from the earth’s vital nutrients, give this to us! We're connected! This leads to understanding of the importance nutrition - for most of us what may be the most necessary door to open. If some changes are needed it may seem at first to be overwhelming. Very simply we can remember: Vegetables = Vitamins = Vitality!

There are many good programs to inspire and educate us. Click here to see how Macrobiotic teaching is one that includes the understanding of opposites, the yin/yang, the extremes of things in our world, and how to find health as we to seek to be in balance.

Truly -there are delicious and easy ways to eat well! Vegetables = Vitamins = Vitality!

2)  the medical door, Useful for diagnosis and traumatic injury, this is often the only door people choose to open when faced with illness or questions. There are very good people here to help diagnose what we may be dealing with. Now there are many health care providers with an understanding of the wonderful complementary nature that can exist among different healing modalities.

3)  the door of  prayer and meditation and spiritual practices. The power of prayer has been documented many times. There are a multitude of Ways to access the calm and joy of the connection to a "higher" awareness.

4)  the door of access to the subtle energy body. This includes those spinning chakra energies as well as the meridian flow and other unseen electro-magnetic fields in and around the body. Please see the energy medicine page to find out more. We can include here the benefits of exercise, stretching and breathing practices, as these activities charge and activate the unseen body. These topics are now thought of as “the new medicine” although interestingly, therapeutic touch and palm healing have been practiced throughout history

5)  the door [what I think of as the cellar door] to the unresolved emotional causes of dis-ease. The excess emotions may be stuck down there- creating emotional porcupines and blocking out the light and joy that is our birthright. These feelings actually do affect our cells, lodging in muscles and joints. An amazing gentle way to dissolve these unwanted emotions is with energy psychology techniques, like EFT. Emotions come and go naturally and easily when we have this freedom in our being! There actually are many methods of reversing - and eliminating psychological problems now being used very successfully.  Some do seem quite unusual, involving tapping or holding places on the body. When accessing that fantastic subtle energy body, excess, unwanted emotions and physical pains are moved right along with these seeming simple methods.

As more healing doors are tapped on and more light pours into our dwelling, we really can surprise ourselves with the wonderful changes we feel in ourselves. It just takes a few small first steps to venture out…

Rebecca Gurland's classes and individual sessions can touch upon one or more doors- see about letting the Light into your life.

© 2010 Rebecca Gurland

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