We are located in northeast Connecticut (in the area of the University of CT at Storrs)

You don't even have to feel bad to feel better! Lets' get "on track" to feeling better and better and Great! together we can  combine our knowledge and experience to light up these paths to wellness! We have listed many classes and workshops available.

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Energy Medicine – sessions or class focuses on balancing the subtle energy body with demonstration and teaching about our aura, chakras and meridian energy flows. This can include use and teaching of kinesiology, known as muscle testing, energy checking.

Energy Medicine Classes at Champlion's Natural Food Store:

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Based on Donna Eden's 5 Minute Routine    Find out more here.

Sunday April 17th, 2016 1 -1 3 pm

Energy Medicine Class 2 -

Auras, Chakras, Meridians and More!   TBA


EFT Emotional Freedom Technique & Energy Medicine 

One Day Workshop

Including energizing lunch with cooking demo!


$85.- $75 prepaid

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How To Be Your Own Energy Doctor

·        Access and Assess Your Unseen Systems

·        Unblock and Unscramble  

·        Assist Healing  

Learn more about the self-empowering kinesiology energy checking!


Personal take-home charts for Assessments and Corrections

Open Yourself to the flow of Universal Energy!

We will let you know our class schedule- email here




Emotional Freedom Technique- From control of anxiety to control over overeating or to feelings of being stuck and so much more - we can learn to clear unwanted emotions and get our systems moving freely.


Email Rebecca about customizing your Classes, workshops or individual sessions.    Phone consultations available      Incredible results!



EnergyConscious Classes and Sessions - Gift certificates available!

Email Rebecca  about customizing your Classes, workshops or individual sessions.    Phone consultations available      Incredible results!

We incorporate: Reiki - Energy Medicine -Energy Psychology– Meridian and Chakra Balancing – Macrobiotic Cuisine and Lifestyle Ideas - Kinesiology – Do-In (self massage) – Stretching and Breathing Techniques

Unlock doors (5 Doors To Healing) to awake your inner healers and let in the light!

These classes are taught by Rebecca Gurland, this website creator. All the years of reading and practicing palm healing, herbology, meditation,  macrobiotic cuisine and lifestyle, Reiki - master level, yoga, do-in, tai chi, chi gung has been leading me to feel better and better in body and yes, in mind too! Then the large field of energy medicine and then energy psychology jump-started me in new ways! I am excited to be able to share these practices with you. We can plan individual sessions, classes, workshops and/or parties to experience and renew the unseen fields.

Nutritious and Delicious – The energy of food and how we eat makes a huge difference in how we feel. Have a custom cooking class to address your current needs. (Macrobiotic, vegan, special diet)

Customized for you Cooking Classes are an important way to optimize your health and better access your flow of this life's energy.

Reiki Session Experience this powerful type of palm healing. Email Rebecca for more information and appointment.

Do-In- Self massage. Enjoy movement, stretching, exercise and fun while learning of and experiencing our meridian energy systems. This 1 hour class includes handouts and list of book and video resources in addition to this gentle practice.

Individual EFT Session - Focus in and identify those feelings that may be troubling. Then discover the benefits of this easy to learn technique for clearing issues!

Energy Medicine - This session teaches you how to combine many techniques to increase access to your inner power flows!

Kinesiology, known as muscle testing, is a way of energy checking, akin to dowsing. You can learn how to use this tool for yourself & others.

Vision Training - Learn many techniques and simple "exercises" in increase eye focus and strength. Includes Tibetan Eye Chart with instruction and list of book and web site resources.

Contact Rebecca to set up a session or class ~   individual or small group



Classes with Ruth Waugh Williams in Coventry, CT. Dowsing, self-empowerment techniques, spiritual gardening and more ! 860-377-9429

Classes with Eaglemoon Raes:    Most classes are in Lebanon, CT.
Hi, I welcome you to join me at any of these upcoming events!!
I am offering a PARENTING support group, a TEEN week, a REIKI Share,
and an evening to CULTIVATE LOVE in addition to our Friday evening of LIVE IN
WONDER on 3/9th
 UNLEASH YOUR POWER will begin on May 2nd 
for the full 4 weeks, or come on a week by week basis if MONEY ISSUES HAVE YOU

I teach according to the International Center for Reiki training (www.reiki.org) guidelines.  I’ve been teaching reiki for almost 15 years and use it daily.  Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique, which aids in stress reduction and relaxation.  Over the last decade reiki has entered the “mainstream” arena.  It is now being used in Hospice, and area hospitals.  It is simple and once attuned you will be able to use reiki for life.  In level II you will be attuned and instructed in how to use the 3 reiki symbols; the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol, and the distant healing symbol.

Advanced Reiki Training

March 24th from 9 to 4pm fee is $225 includes manual.

This is a power packed training.  You will be attuned to the Usui Master symbol. You will learn a meditation in motion, a Yantra meditation, how to set up a crystal grid, and psychic surgery. 

197 B Route 87 Liberty Hill section of Lebanon

For more information or to register Please contact: Eaglemoon Raes              402-8116                        eaglemoon@snet.net.



OTHER PRACTITIONERS and CLASSES IN OUR AREA:  There are many people and ideas to help us access our abundant flows of energy. Please email with the info if you would like to be included on this list.

This list of books, audio and video and web resources will be always growing. Please send in your favorites. email Rebecca@energyconscious.org

Ariana - Hypnosis and Wellness Center. 860-742-0093 - Hypnosis Information Line 860-742-0083

Clear Point Center - Healing and Transformation Programs in Stafford, CT - Steve Munn, Owner 860-684-3994

Eaglemoon Raes - Hypnosis for Health and Wellbeing - Call 860-402-8116 for free phone consultation

Reva B. Seybolt - "Transformation for the conscious person" sessions by phone or in person 860-928-0754. E-mail: revaseybolt@yahoo.com

Sequel Gardens - Ruth Waugh ruthlenel@sbcglobal.net 860-377-9429 - Ruth has a beautiful setting for her classes, workshops and retreats in Coventry, CT. Topics for self-empowering include Music by Marcy, Dowsing, , and more

South River Herbals - Coventry, CT . Herbs and classes about herbs, soaps and more!

The Door Opener - This CT magazine is published quarterly. There are listings for classes, events and practitioners, plus articles. www.anopendoor.com