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“A lot of other appointment setting tools are very convoluted. With Calendly, set-up was so nominal; implementation took less than 10 minutes.”

Julia Pan

Sales Enablement Manager, SignPost

“We tried using the scheduling automations attached to our sales email platform, but it was very clunky. … ​​When we had our first enablement session with Calendly, I immediately thought, ‘This is going to save us countless hours each week.’ … There would be an uproar if we tried to take Calendly away.”

Alek Relyea

Manager, Customer Success, HackerOne

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“More targeted meetings lead to more deals closed. With Calendly, we’ve been able to automate some of the tedious administrative tasks and processes for our SDRs, helping them to reclaim 3,267 hours within the past year.”

Nick Jackson

Sales Manager, CallRail

“Compared to our previous scheduling automation solution, Calendly’s user interface was a breath of fresh air. … we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our onboarding satisfaction for our CSMs. Our customer experience is more efficient and satisfying as well, because they get access to their CSMs quickly. It’s a win-win.”

Cody Cooley

Manager, Customer Success, Criteria Corp


Why more than 10 million people choose Calendly as their scheduling automation platform

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Schedule as a team
Increase in Retention and Revenue
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Share your Calendly availability with others

Grow your business with scheduling automation. Simply email, text, or add your Calendly availability to your website – and watch prospects and recruits book high-value meetings with you.

Schedule as a team

Schedule as a team

Calendly adapts to both you and your team's scheduling preferences. Co-host a client call with a colleague, email reminders and follow-ups, and integrate everything with your preferred software tools.

Increase in Retention and Revenue

Hit your number

High-value meetings are the lifeblood of your business. Increase revenue, retain customers, and land recruits with the #1 scheduling automation platform.

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Praise for Calendly

If I could give Calendly a 100 out of 10, I would! The amount of time I've saved is immeasurable!

Software appreciation post:  I absolutely love my @Calendly - super valuable time saver, I am happy to pay for

I've used just about every scheduling software you can name and Calendly stands out in terms of UX/UI by a mile. They are just a lap ahead of their competition. The software itself is a beautiful, intuitive interface and they somehow keep finding ways to improve. I'm a superfan for sure.

I tried every scheduling tool last night. Calendly wins every time for one reason: Great user experience. Specificity in the setup and booking experience.

10 years ago, scheduling meetings looked like me emailing a client 5 dates and times that worked for us and then praying that the option they select would still be available by the time they responded.

It was inefficient and mentally draining.

@Calendly saved us. You need this.

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4.7 out of 5

First time using Calendly to schedule a whole slew of interviews and......this does indeed rule

Look, I try not to play favorites, but @Calendly, I think I love you most of all.

Compared to competitors, it is way more user-friendly.

Success stories from real Calendly customers

Hear how teams around the world are upping their game with Calendly.

[Smith.ai] Customer story - preview image

How Smith.ai boosted website bookings by 26% with Calendly Routing

Read Time: 6 minutes

Smith.ai was experiencing high growth, but inefficient lead flow was slowing the sales team down and causing them to miss opportunities. They implemented Calendly Routing and immediately saw massive improvements.

[Preview image] - DMACC

How one college saved $170K last year with Calendly

Read Time: 7 minutes

The DMACC academic advisory team was struggling to schedule a high volume of meetings with students. With Calendly, efficiency improved almost immediately. Now all student services teams across 12 locations use Calendly to schedule a range of events.

[Preview image] Airtable

Airtable schedules interviews 60% faster with Calendly’s Prelude

Read Time: 5 minutes

In a hyper-growth phase, Airtable needed to automate scheduling while still providing a white-glove candidate experience. With Calendly’s Prelude, Airtable built workflows that drastically sped up interview scheduling and made it easier to organize complex panel interviews.

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