Increase customer retention and growth

Ensure customers can reach you and stay connected at every stage of their journey to improve their experience and increase satisfaction.

Increase customer retention and growth


ROI with Calendly - including admin savings



Increase in customer retention



Fewer scheduling emails needed to launch projects


Calendly’s features for Customer Success

Provide distinguished customer service

Provide distinguished customer service

Grow relationships with 1:1 check-ins, collectively bring your team together to host onboarding, gather a group of customers for training and networking, offer one-off times for a big renewal, and cycle requests to different team members.

Direct customers to the right person for answers

Direct customers to the right person for answers

Deliver fast support by immediately connecting customers who have specific issues with the support specialist or customer advocate who can solve it.

Help customers achieve their goals

Help customers achieve their goals

Use team pages to empower customers to select from several options to meet with your team, whether they need tech assistance, have a pricing question, or want to schedule user training.

Make each interaction valuable

Make each interaction valuable

Set up pre- and post-meeting automations to exceed customer expectations: send meeting reminders, follow-up with resources, request the next check-in, and send a thank-you email with a feedback survey.


Real people, real results

Take it from the millions of people who use Calendly to save time and drive revenue every day.

“Calendly has been a key driver in a lot of our growth. It’s really helped us drive our internal efficiency as a company, but also in a customer-facing sense from the first touchpoint all the way through their journey.”

David O’Brien

Head of Success, AgriWebb

The easiest way to schedule, prepare, and follow-up with your customers
Customer Communications

The easiest way to schedule, prepare, and follow-up with your customers

Connect with more customers, whether they come to you or you outreach at key milestones. Deliver an impactful experience, meeting by meeting.

Calendly’s Workflows help automate, standardize, and manage communications that should happen before and after meetings. Plus, you can automatically update customer records with any meeting booked using our CRM integrations.

improved customer adoption & retention

Put your customers on the path to success

The Old Way

Low customer health from:

  • Missing handoffs between Sales & CS

  • Conflicts to schedule intro call

  • Slow support ticket resolution time

  • Icon Circle X

    Engagement drop-off

  • Icon Circle X

    Delays in responding to customers

  • No-shows & cancellations

The New Way

30% increase in annual retention

Unite the customer lifecycle

  • Seamless team coordination

  • Connect with all stakeholders

  • Round robin to the first available Support Rep

  • Meet at key milestones

  • Offer special times for an urgent need

  • Automatically send reminders & follow-ups

“The time to book meetings is non-existent now. But the biggest benefit for customers is having our CSMs be more prepared, more ready to give answers.”

Chris WilliamsVonage, Head of Customer Success UK and EMEA
Calendly features

Automate to accomplish more

Integrate with Salesforce and CRM Tools

Integrate with Salesforce and CRM Tools

Update customer accounts in real-time without spending time on data entry.

With Calendly, sales prospects can book a meeting on your website to jumpstart inbound sales.

Connect Calendars

Integrate with Google, Microsoft, and Apple and coordinate multiple calendars.

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly into your website for one-click booking that improves response times.

Route Customers

Route Customers

Route support requests according to your system's rules and eliminate manual work.

Create Workflows

Create Workflows

Automatically send personalized emails and texts to customers before and after your meetings.

Email Embed

Browser Extensions

Download browser extensions to easily add times to email, integrate with LinkedIn, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Discover activity and trends — such as popular meeting times, top performers, in-demand meeting types, and more.

Make it your own

That’s not all

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, your day is
cleared for accomplishment.

Use custom branding

Use custom branding

Remove Calendly branding and personalize your scheduling pages with your branding for a customized experience.

Control your availability

Control your availability

Add buffers before or after a meeting and use daily limits to cap how many meetings you take.


Pricing Plans

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone your day is cleared for accomplishment.




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