The Intuitive Mind
Is A Sacred Gift -
The rational mind
is a faithful servant.

We have created a society
that honors the servant
And has forgotten the Gift

~Albert Einstein

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Energy Medicine   

Books, Links, and Practitioners are listed under each topic

Chakras    Auras  

Do-In (self-massage)   


Body Work     

Reiki/Palm Healing      


Tai Chi        


The list of books, audio and video and web resources is always growing. Please send in your favorites. email Rebecca@energyconscious.orgWe welcome submissions of short articles about any of these topics.

Energy Medicine    

Energy Medicine, known as the “New Medicine,” is a way to health and wellness that may lie through a sometimes mysterious path. There are many doors and many ways of accessing, understanding and feeling our vital energy flow.

To understand this new medicine, think of electric power and our personal energy. On this planet we are receive unseen forces which create the spark of life! We may refer to this energy as Yin and Yang, heaven and earth, or many other terms, but whatever we call it, this electric energy is generated and vibrates within everything. William Tiller (“Science and Human Transformation”, “Conscious Acts of Creation”, and “Some Science Adventures with Real Magic.”) Now the field of quantum physics can explain, or at least statistically verifies,

Think of our polarity- the plus and minus poles of our electric/magnetic bodies- the opposites we all have within and without ourselves- then think of how we can charge up our electric energy. Simply rubbing our hands together can do this; it evens out the energies of the palm energy centers and charges up the battery. [See the keys page for a simple way to feel your own energy field.]

This field around us has been called the aura or the electro-magnetic field.  Recently science has named the cells surrounding the body as bio-luminescent, indicating the finding of biological light cells, even if most of us do not see this colorful area.

Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine by Donna Eden explains some of the many systems that are in and around our bodies. This remarkable teacher and healer has the ability to see the aura and chakras, the blood and lymphatic flows, and the meridians and five rhythm system and understand how these effect our life and energy. (Her teachings of how we can vitalize ourselves have changed my life!)

Energy Medicine and the Energy Medicine Kit are fun and accessible, and include little "interventions" or "enersizes" which are quite amazing and effective and begin to feel so much like "second nature when done regularly. When doing these they often . This wonderful woman is such an incredible teacher!  Please check out to find out if she will be near enough for you to get to see her yourself!

See CLASSES page for a lively and fun class based on her teachings, in Storrs, CT.

Website references: is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Michio Kushi'Book of Palm Healing is back in print. He explains the spiraling universal flows in terms of Yin and Yang and gives a great many healing methods including chakra balancing and descriptions of our electromagnetic nature.

Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light is another classic book that first introduced many people to the idea of using our hands to smooth our aura and send healing energy.

Judith Poole combines energy healing modalities in Watertown, MA. Find out more at her website:

Francine Picco, IET certified, Integrated Energy Therapy and Soul Coaching. or 1-860-974-2266. Classes available in angel & energy work & meditations for manifestation and healing.


Early written accounts of TCM date back to 180 B.C. in China and are based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of the vital life energy circulating in all living organisms and is called "qi" (also known as chi-pronounced "chee"). According to acupuncture theory, qi circulates in the body along 12 major energy pathways, or meridians, which are associated with specific internal organs and organ systems. When special needles are inserted (just under the skin) into certain points along these meridians, they help correct and balance the flow of chi. It is believed that acupuncture alleviates pain, increases immune function, and improves a wide variety of conditions by balancing the flow of vital life energy throughout the body.

The presence of these meridians was established by French researcher Pierre de Vernejoul, who injected radioactive isotopes into the acupuncture points of humans and tracked their movement useing a special gamma-imaging camera. The isotopes traveled along these meridians within minutes after injection. Vernejoul then challenged his work by injecting isotopes into blood vessels at random points of the body rather than known acupuncture points. In these cases, the isotopes did not travel in the same manner, further indicating that meridians do indeed comprise a system of separate pathways within the body.

The World Health Organization has cited over 100 different ailments for which acupuncture treatment has been shown effective, ranging from chronic pain to migraines, sinusitis, cold, flu, asthma, allergies, addictions, ulcer, gastrointestinal disorders, Meniere's syndrome, stroke, sciatica, osteo-arthritis and many more. There is also evidence to suggest that acupuncture is useful for treating environmentally-induced illnesses, pesticide poisoning, environmentally toxic chemicals/metals and other environmental pollutants.

 The Biomedical Basis of Holistic Acupuncture

by Andrew Pacholyk, LMT, MT-BC, CA                                                                                 

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Body Work

Touch is so healing. So important to help lymph and blood flow, as well as help move stuck feelings! When we do healing massage for ourselves, our hands may go just to the right spot- we may know just how hard to press. This is a powerful tool we can use for ourselves.

Yet, please experience the benefits of a healing touch by another as well. Let yourself be taken care of!

Shiatsu massage

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Acupuncture - Meridian Therapy     

Many of us first learned of the word meridian in geography class, in the context of longitude and latitude, those parallel lines drawn upon a map. It is also used to refer to channels or pathways inside and on the surface of the body. For more than five thousand years there has also been knowledge of the energy flows in the human body. Sometimes thought of as 14 pathways, there is really one long vessel of flow moving inside and surfacing on the body.( These meridians have now actually been seen by western "machinery")

This ancient system of acupuncture from the east uses the understandings of meridian pathways as channels of energy that may become blocked, sluggish or over activated. By stimulating points on the body with needles, or pressure or light touch, these problems can be balanced.

The power of our own fingertips and palms has been shown to calm or strengthen these systems! Please see the CLASSES page for individual sessions and classes to learn more about meridian therapy . Web site references below.

Please email to add articles and practitioner info.

Practioners in the n.e. CT area: 

Debra Pacik Acupuncture and Herbs
339 Mansfield City Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06250
(860) 456-1237

195 Old Kings Highway, Hampton, CT   (860) 455-2001

Books and websites:

Acupressure Way of Health Iona Teeguarden

Accupressure's Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments - Michael Reed Gach 

Touch For Health This approach for restoring nature energy teaches the correlation of meridian, vascular and muscular systems. Books and charts by developer John Thie, D.C. have very clear drawings and photographs.


"The word chakra means disk, vortex, or wheel. Whereas meridians are an energy transportation system, the chakras are energy stations. Each major chakra in the human body is a center of swirling energy positioned at one of seven points, from the base of your spine to the top of your head."   -Donna Eden   Energy Medicine

"Major centers of both electromagnetic activity and vital energy are recognized in indigenous cultures the world over. In the Huna tradition of Hawaii they are called Auw centers; and in the Cabala, they are the "Tree of Life" canters. In the Taoist traditions the term is Dantien, and in the yogic theory they are called "Charkas."

-William Collinge   Subtle Energy



Scientists have named them 'bioluminescence"  as the molecules surrounding our physical bodies are seen to be of a special nature! Have you even noticed a newborn baby looking around your head quite intently? We are born with the ability to see these colors and energies. Most of us have lost this facility because it hasn't been acknowledged. What a world it would be if we all could be aware of the energy changes and moods of all those around us. It very well could be a more interesting and loving place.

Francine Picco, IET certified, Integrated Energy Therapy and Soul Coaching. or 1-860-974-2266. Classes available in angel & energy work & meditations for manifestation and healing.

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Tai Chi

This is a gentle way of movement that relaxes as well as increases energy flows. There are many styles that have evolved. Although usually done with slow movements, this practice enables you to have the grace and balance to quickly react and defend yourself.



These ancient movement and breathing exercises have been used in Chinese hospitals for powerful healing.

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Reiki and Palm Healing

Palm healers have been around a long time, still are. We all can be one, and actually are already. When you bump your arm and then rub it or place your hand over the aching tummy, something often happens to support our healing. Many people are practicing focusing this.

Reiki practitioners are taught a particular way to attune to the sacred healing vibrations in our palms. As we focus our intention for healing and for the "greatest good" we actually become a conduit for an energy that comes "through us".

Please see the CLASSES page for individual sessions and classes to become as practitioner. Please email to add your class to our listing and to send in articles, stories or descriptions of Reiki practice.


Carleen Wells is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  She has space in Hebron and Lebanon, offering individual and group sessions, a reiki share and Reiki Classes.  She is currently the Chair of the Integrative Health Committee at Windham Hospital. Carleen Wells: cell- 860.884.3125


"Inner Reiki" Tanmaya Honervogt

"Essential Reiki" Diane Stein


Reiki - An All Energy-Therapies Website   From James Deacon, a wealth of Reiki information - everything from a beginners ''background guide', to discussion of the various Japanese Reiki styles, grading systems, an in-depth look at the Reiki Symbols, Japanese Reiki Self-developmental Techniques & Practices, translation of early Reiki documents, and more.


The art of self-massage includes movement and stretching with an understanding of the meridian energy flows. This is actually what I think of as a magic secret doorway enabling to be open to the joy and health we seek. We may have been told to "get in touch" with our feelings, and sometimes it isn't that easy to discover our emotional makeup, or even to really know how our body is doing.   Our feelings can become revealed to us when we hold ourselves in a loving way. Only we can know ourselves the best - where the painful spot is, how much pressure feels right. Practice the ancient way of "laying on of hands" for yourself. You just may begin to find you will get in touch with the body's wisdom.

"We can actually "lay hands" on ourselves and channel energy to various parts of the body. (self Reiki).  I think it could be a master key that unlocks many doors.   Or a single door that opens to limitless opportunities."    Stephanie Kubicek

Do-In is an ancient traditional exercise for the cultivation of physical health, mental serenity, and spirituality. This is though of as the forerunner of shiatsu, acupuncture, meditation, and other well-known modalities.

To start, as in many other practices, rubbing the hands together first energizes this power flow that we have. This may be thought of as charging the battery- we are electromagnetic and have the polarity of the +/- charges.    

The mind can direct our attention- and our intention to focus on the positive flow of heavenly power is an truly wonderful way to start [or end] any day. Putting our hands on ourselves with the intention of love and healing may seem strange, yet is a direct way to really know how we feel.

Please see the CLASSES page for individual sessions and classes.

Books and references:

The Do-In Way: Gentle Exercises to Liberate the Body, Mind, and Spirit
Michio Kushi

Do-In - video with Lino Stanchich

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden - Donna does not call her practices Do-In, yet, tapping on and massaging the body with understanding of the meridian flows- fits the definition.


This ancient system of stretching, movement, breathing and living was designed as the path to enlightenment  -  a union of mind and body - bringing us to an understanding of a third level - of spiritual understanding and being.

Please email to add your class to our listing and to send in articles, stories or descriptions of yoga practice.

There are quite a few yoga studios and styles. Check out the opportunities to study and practice!  

This list of books, audio and video and web resources will be always growing. Please send in your favorites. email


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