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    Breathing    Stretching    Exercise

Breath Deeply

Well the first word here we could say that we don't have a choice about! Yet we can choose how we breath, the way we take air into our lungs and we can become aware of how this everyday, all day activity can really increase our energy flow!

Most of us are actually shallow breathers. Deep breaths [belly breathing], oxygenates our cells as well as it is cleansing as our lungs are major organs of elimination! Practice this technique by lying down with a small book on the belly. See that it moves as you fill the lungs! Spend just a couple of minutes at this, once or twice a day, and note how long it takes for this healthy way to breathe to become a habit. Notice how much more energized, clearheaded and "light" you have become!



As a cat always shows us, it is natural to stretch! A very wise teaching is the rule of 70%. Applied to stretching, we can remember that if we stretch to 100% of our capacity, it is so easy to go a little further- and that 110% is where injury can occur. Every muscle can stay flexible with use. Our bodies really have an inner wisdom. Relax and let the natural ability of the body to stretch and realign! The "no pain - no gain" adage is not agreeable with everyone. Going to 70% of your range of motion for a stretch -is still a good stretch! You will find, gently and easily, that 70% will be more and more increasing your range of motion.


A simple and very effective exercise, especially when sitting by computer for long periods, is to lift the arms overhead with an in breath, and release the arms and breath. Stretch and wiggle those important fingers too!



Some people actually think of this word as a "4 letter word" - and some people actually over do this movement and pushing of their physical limits. Another area where we look for the ideal balance for our own selves!

Walking is known to be an ideal way to move and to tone our bodies. Studies have shown that it does not have to be fast walking to be beneficial! Doing this outdoors with the sights, smells and sounds of nature may be ideal, not always possible. When you do find a form of moving the exercises the body, something that you find you like to do (see following paragraph) and when you practice regularly (ideally daily) something happens- you get to really appreciate, really feel the effects of that daily practice on so many aspects of your energy and health and vitality!

Here is a wonderful way to exercise that's fun and convenient! Known as a rebounder, this equipment is a round mini trampoline. Jumping is not at all necessary . Gentle bouncing actually moves the lymphatic fluids and helps to detoxify the whole body! Keeping one or both feet on the mat, you can jog, twist , dance or bounce. For around $30 - $250.

Read more about rebounding in the WellBeing Journal. Many rebounders have reported that 5 minutes bouncing = 1 mile of jogging!