Vibrational Healing

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Vibrations, or energy waves, emanates from all things. All things do have an energy signature, a rate of vibration that machinery can measure. We can’t see the vibration- as we don’t see the music that we listen to.

Music and Words

When the stereo is turned up, the vibrations can be felt, and the floor hums! These waves of vibration interact with our own energies and we feel that we like the music -or not. Music can be very healing, bringing peace and balance. The book “the Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell was on the bestseller list, as people read about what they instinctively felt, the healing power of music. Music by Marcey, by Marcey Hamm, has had profound healing effects on many levels, for many people as they listen to the music during sleep.

For many centuries, in many parts of the world, chanting is used as a practice of repeating sacred words to bring us to a meditative state, to a higher level of consciousness. The Buddhist practice of word-of-God repetition is so simple, yet incredibly peaceful and healing. Use any word that represents for you the Universal Energy, The Lord, All That Is, Jesus, Mary, Allah, or God, or any other name. Just repeat this over and over. So simple and worth a try! Especially try this when upset or dealing with some pain, to see the effect.  

Michio Kushi, in many health consultations, recommends that an important part of the healing regime is to sing a happy song every day. This is an easy suggestion to give a try. Even is you don’t think that you have much of a singing voice, sing when alone in the car, in the shower, etc. You just may find your mood has lifted. Remember some of the words to “Zippity-do-dah”? Or how about “Do A Deer”? Not only does that little happy song get us to practice all the notes of the scale, those vibrations are known to align with and activate all of our major energy centers!


What other kinds of “vibes” are there around us that we can access for healing and wellness?

There’s even the common phrase “feel the vibes” or “catch his vibes” as we pick up on and become aware of the unseen energies, the feelings and emotions of those around us.

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The Vibration and Power of Words

A few words can be spoken to us, the very same words like “get over here”, but spoken in such different tones of voice. GET OVER HERE. Get over here. Think of it, how differently we can feel when the words are spoken in love, or playfully, or in anger. Amazing to realize how simply we can change the vibrations around us by the intonation of our words! Some of us are very sensitive to the tone of voice, and can read more into it then may have been intended.

The Japanese have a practice of Kotodama.

The term: kotodama itself, translates at a simplistic level, as: "Word Spirit" and refers to a Spiritual state or feeling induced by beautiful 'word-sounds' when correctly intoned. (More fully, kotodama encompasses the notion that good can be brought about as a result of correctly-intoned beautiful 'word-sounds' and evil brought about by ugly 'word-sounds' - or by beautiful 'word-sounds' incorrectly-pronounced.)

Kotodama is inseparably bound up with the concept of kotomuke ['soothing speech that brings peace'] and kotoage [the practice of speaking boldly in the presence of the Kami (numinous beings), seeking to invoke the magical power of words]       From James Deacon's Reiki - All Energy-Therapies Website


There is a group Words Can Heal running a national campaign to eliminate verbal violence, curb gossip and promote the healing power of words to enhance relationships at every level.


Messages In Water

Have you been inspired and amazed by the work of Dr Masaru Emoto yet? This Japanese researcher has the most wonderful books of writing and photographs of  frozen water droplets from many sources. Water from clear lakes and water exposed to the vibration of words of gratitude form beautiful crystal shapes. Water from polluted streams and water exposed to heavy metal music  formed fragmented or malformed crystals at best. The message of the water crystals even demonstrates how the way the vibration of a word written on a piece of paper and taped to the glass, effects the crystal that will form!

This is so interesting to see, although the incredible part is the seeing the beautiful crystals that form after the polluted lake was prayer over. Dr Emoto’s work is helping a multitude of people to actually see the reality of the powerful vibrations of our words.


Messages From Water  - Vol. 1, 2 and 3

The Hidden Messages In Water 

Web sites to view some of the photos:

See more about water as a part of our nature, as an extension of the 5 Doors To Healing  page.


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Homeopathy and Minute Vibrations

This modality of healing has been widely practiced in England and Europe since the early 1900’s.There use of these remedies is prescribed in hospitals along side conventional medicine. It is difficult, scientifically, to understand how the herbs or minerals can work, as the homeopathic method of percussing and dilution leaves little of the substance. Yet, as Dr Emoto’s photographs show, even the very smallest vibration of a word, does make changes that we can see and feel. Homeopathic remedies are available at your local natural food stores where you can find books and information.

Aromatherapy and Our Power of Smell


We certainly can’t see the smell of the flowers, yet those vibrations of scent can change our mood and energy. Aromatherapy is more accepted and is getting more study as a viable way to enhance healing. It is found that when using the pure essential oil of the plant, it affects the olfactory nerves that connect to the brain. Lavender is often relaxing and sometimes helps with headaches.  Sometimes lavender or any other smell, reminds us of someone or something in our past. Now those memories, good or bad, come powerfully flooding back to us.

Many people, more and more of us ordinary folk- are becoming sensitive to synthetics of some sort or another.  Please be very aware of people you meet and greet, or even pass by in the street, who may be very effected by your scent. Synthetic scent causes breathing problems, rashes and emotional upsets- and that smell lasts an unnaturally long time! We are all different and we change too, so be very aware of a possible energy drain from this source.

There is often a healing, and even a transformational effect that can be felt with pure, high quality oils from natural materials. Just using a few drops on a little cotton ball- tucked into a pocket or sleeve. When you catch a whiff, how do you feel? Just imagine smelling something that reminds you of something great- or just  seems to give some kind of  lift to our senses. Now, pull in that feeling whenever you need it, on that little cotton ball!

There are actually many ways to use the scents. There are little burners that use a candle or electricity to gently warm the oils. Think about it- that pot of spiced apple cider on the back burner of the stove that's scenting the air- does it give you that "lift"? Maybe we are using aromas as therapies with out even knowing it!

A suggestion is to see some of the websites or books listed below. Then, make a list of some essential aroma oils that are known to have properties that you'd like to enhance or increase in yourself - such as patience or clarity or calmness. Then go to a local health food store, most will have a display- maybe with testers so you can try them. You may decide to purchase one or two. They are concentrated and are most often used in a "carrier" oil. That is a light oil that carries the essential plant scent. Often used are the unscented almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil. Try 2-3 drops per Tablespoon of carrier oil in a little bottle or jar. This could be scent that you really like, available for you to rub on wrists, hands, temples- or any dry skin.

There are some precautions. Even the most beautiful of healing music can be played too loud. Please check out some cautions to be aware of at these sites:


There are many, many web sites selling scented oils. Some have information that may be very good- surrounded by some ads. Here are some sites to browse. We are on the lookout for good ones to recommend.


Flower Essences 

Flower waters are also remedies that work with the unseen subtle body. These are used for emotional healing and assisting changes. You don’t look up sore foot in the flower water book- or sore throat. Instead healing changes take place when you address an emotional reaction you may be having. For instance, you can look up and try the flower water recommended for the particular kind of fear, anger or sorrow you may be feeling about that sore foot.

Very small amounts of herbs and minerals are used to prepare homeopathic remedies. Find out more about this method of healing at these web sites:  NATIONAL CENTER FOR HOMEOPATHY   Addresses and Contacts, Books, Articles and
Research Info  Here's a list of ailments and suggested remedies.

Dr Edwin Bach is now famous for his work in the use of the healing waters that have been charged with flowers! These remedies usually  have a subtle effect on the emotional level as well as physical. When deciding on the correct flower water practioners look to the emotion most in the forefront, from different kinds of fear to different levels of depression.   Bach Flower Essences:
Expanded Descriptions


The following subjects are so great... so much to say! This is my next writing project, please check here again to read about these helpful, fun areas. You may email  any ideas, experiences, website links. Thank you for taking time to write.

Crystal Healing

Have you a collection of rocks and stones? Many of us have been picking up stones, perhaps unconsciously connecting to some unseen energy. Some rocks have formed crystalline structures that are carved and used as jewelry. Since ancient times peoples in many areas have attributed different values to stones. Warriors had orange carnelian stones and others embedded in their shields and even just a few generations ago tiny rings with amethyst were pinned to a baby's clothing for protection.

Diamonds are used in drills and such for their hardness assists with cutting. Quartz crystals have been used in radios for many decades. Stones for healing have been used for much longer than that.

We can feel stronger, more powerful when wearing certain jewelry, even feel drained when wearing something else.


Luc Bourgault The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing

Diane Stein Healing With Gemstones and Crystals

Edgar Cayce Gemstones and Healing


Dowsing / Kinesiology


The mysterious, unseen world may not be “logical” to our human, rational mind.  Like many subjects that deal with the unseen worlds, it is a "stretch" for some of us to try and understand what we are viewing when, for instance, we see a person holding Y-shaped  or L shaped dowsing rods and they consistently start to swing over the underground water spring, or an object hanging from a string circles one way or another in answer to a question. Maybe you have heard of someone who had a “dowser” come over and locate the spot to drill a well. This was a very acceptable and successful method often employed not all that long ago. (Still sometimes used, although nowadays perhaps many well diggers don’t mind guessing wrong and then charging to drill again) . It seemed some people had a “knack” for this, a talent. We have found that most of us can learn this skill. Not just to find water, or as a party entertainment, dowsing is a way to access the unseen vibrations. As noticed at the American Society of Dowser’s Convention this past summer, a large emphasis is now on dowsing for health and healing. We can ask for help to find our best direction to follow, as well as what the best food or supplement may be for us at this time. Find out about teachers, classes and workshops to learn these techniques at classes, or see your local health food stores for info about classes.

As people had and used magnetic rocks long before magnetism was scientifically explained, it must have seemed like magic when pieces of iron moved so mysteriously. Now we accept that there are magnetic properties in our bodies, and electrical charges, and that we respond to these stimuli. The field of quantum physics and the work of Dr William Tiller (“Science and Human Transformation”, “Conscious Acts of Creation”,  ) may now able to give explanations to the scientifically minded.  Albert Einstein said in 1946 “The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of a human system to certain factors that are unknown to us at this time. I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified.” Now, some 60 years later, we have some justification to this “real magic”.

With the more familiar dowsing using rods or a pendulum, there is a tool being used to access the unseen world of information vibrating within and without our fields. Yet, we also can tune into these fields with our hands and bodies as the indicators. With energy checking known as applied kinesiology or also called muscle testing, a muscle in the body can be used to access the energy flow. More and more chiropractors, doctors and practitioners are discovering this important tool. Both and art and a science, this too can be a learned skill. Dr John Thei was the chiropractor who developed the Touch For Health system of checking and restoring the body. His books and charts give clear directions; also Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book will show how energy checking is being used so beneficially.

There are some preliminaries to learn for success here. There are ways we can check and with practice, get consistent results. An important reminder is to not have expectations about the outcome.  “Get yourself out of the way” so that the true answers may come as a surprise!

You may have seen this, or have been in a local natural food store and had a chance to experience a kinesiology energy check. An experienced energy checker may have helped you to choose a backache cream, or checked to see if wheat or dairy had a draining effect for you. Usually an arm muscle is used for the check, although we are quick to understand that this is not about muscle strength. What is so amazing about being able to hold an arm up without another person being able to easily push it down? You can be feeling strong, no problem to hold that arm extended with some light pressure.  Then, you place your other hand on that sore back, or the tester places a hand just in your field over the pain. Suddenly, that arm muscle that was so strong, isn’t. It does make sense to   imagine that the flow of unseen energy would be disrupted. Energy checking can then lead us to discover what can strengthen. Holding a tube of cream or supplement over the pain and then checking for strength in that same weakened muscle is a way to check to see if your vibration and that of the substance are aligning. An overwhelming number of people who have tried this had great results when they used the product that they tested strong with. Some people have been known to ask, “Are you really pressing down?” when that strong flow is going right out that arm!

The truth of what is going on within the mind or body may not be in our awareness, yet often the subconscious mind can answer through this method. This can be especially important to help us discover things like foods that we react to as toxic, or even feelings that we are not aware of.

“When you bring a toxic substance or toxic statement into the body’s field, it interrupts the electrical connection to the muscle. The purpose in using kinesiology is to bring about balance and the free flow of energy or Chi in the body”  Steve Daniels, Ph. D.

"Applied kinesiology is based upon the fact that body language never lies. The opportunity of understanding body language is enhanced by the ability to use muscles as indicators of body language."   George J. Goodheart, Jr., D.C.  Discoverer of Applied Kinesiology


Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Dr John Thie Touch For Health

Dr David Hawkins Truth Vs Falsity  and  Power Vs Force


The American Society of Dowsers.

International Council on Applied Kinesiology   Steve Daniels and his wife Beth, have a DVD for learning 17 ways to self energy test, with ideas to avoid some "pitfalls".