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Muses' Call   

Another unseen power that can move us to wondrous heights ~is a calling to create. The Call of the Muses are "heard" by many artists, as some call this a form of divine inspiration.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” ~ Camille Pissarro

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To realize beauty and inspiration in the natural world can cause our hearts to soar! Capturing this on film or in oils or in charcoals, etc. enables us to share some of that feeling with others.

"Art and Love are man's greatest gifts to himself, and there can be no art without love." David Hawkins


Bruce Lippincott, photographer - see more at www.brucelippincott.com

This  photographer from Connecticut has recorded images often thought to be oils- also artists have stated that they wished they had his sense of composition.  We are given moments when the spell of nature just seems to pull us to where we need to be. Bruce explains this "magic moment" that resulted the image shown here.


                    "It was an attempt to get to the Maine coast in winter for some photos of the snowy coastline. That year there was no snow on the coast! After a while it seemed that only thing to do was have some fun and just take some "snapshots". The seagulls were flying and the sunshine on the water was sparkling. I followed the bird along to where the composition was "right". It wasn't till the small photographic prints were in hand that I saw the "rainbow". A lens flare is what it actually is- colors on the film, not even seen when capturing the image. Caused by the sun hitting the camera lens, this "divine accident" as we now call it, has shown us that there's colors we we may not be aware of,  and unseen beauty may be reveled at any time."    Bruce Lippincott

Paul Pitt was a wonderful folk artist from Bloomfield, CT. His works are very interesting and be sure to look for the whimsical details. Paul passed into spirit May, 2012. Read more about his life and works here.


"In looking through the drawings that I have done over the years from those that I have scanned for the computer -, I found this campsite image from just about 5 years ago.

The strange thing with strong nature energy is the way the remembrance of those times, sitting there, drawing, actually the very energy of those moments seems so real, so vivid, it could be right now!  [although not with black flies!] The smell of the trees, the call of the ravens, -I'm transported in time and place!" Rebecca Gurland


        When we are ready to delve into expressing our creative side, let's get inspired with some wisdom from others who have shared! Please send in your additions to this list.


"Carlson's Guide To Landscape Painting" - John Carlson

"Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color" - Kevin MacPherson


museumstuff    Links to "thousands" of museums on line

 William Benton Museum of Art
University of CT at Storrs art museum site



Music By Marcy



Here are some favorite films that are uplifting and inspiring, and may not be heard of often enough!


"Song Catcher" a beautiful story of the singers and songs of the Appalachian mountain country.

"Pow-Wow Highway" & "Smoke Signals" Wonderful modern Native American stories with warmth and humor.

"The Gods Must Be Crazy" Australian Tribe meets the modern Coke bottle.

"Tampopo" Interest and humor in modern Japan as a noodle shop owner seeks to improve her noodles.

"Dreams" An incredibly beautiful film by A. Kurasawa from Japan.

"Red beard"    A Japanese doctor's story , another from the great director Kurasawa, who also made the original Seven Samurai.

"Whale Rider" A young Maori girl defies tradition and triumphs in her village.

"Eat, Drink, Man, Woman” Taiwanese/Chinese. Great story with great acting of a chef and his daughters in a modern city.

"Tortilla Soup" This California/Mexican family takes the exact same story as the movie above. Mexican or Chinese food- both are portrayed so well.

"The Point" An animated movie from the 70's with wonderful songs by Harry Neillson. Illustrates that you don't have to have a point, to have a point.

"Ocean of Pearls" A Sikh doctor makes a movie about being a Sikh in the modern world, yet keeps his sense of self.

"Eve and the Fire Horse"  two fabulous actresses play sisters, young Chinese Canadian girls exploring death, superstition & religion 

The Internet Movie Database [TV too] for lots of answers to any trivia questions.

The Spiritual Cinema Circle A different type of plan, here you get to keep the month's selections. Check out the unusual movies from around the world.

YouTube is called the TV for the younger generations. Videos of all kinds are posted here- from my granddaughter in the highchair to clips of revered tai chi masters.


i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e e comings



Moonlight’s so bright
Beaming in
around the shades.
Light from the night
Spilling in.


In the Still
Of the Night
In the
Moon Glow
-Rebecca Gurland

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