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    People Connections

Vibrations Unseen

Yet felt

~Rebecca Gurland

There is an understanding that energy- like the energy of love- knows no limit in time or distance. Our love for people who have been gone for a long time can be just as real and strong as ever. And people who are far away can feel our love and caring across the miles.

The energy of our thoughts and intentions can be sent as powerful medicine - energy medicine.particular body!

We will be posting more stories of this energetic connection. Please send in an uplifting story.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer - and best wishes to Sue and George!

Apache Wedding Prayer 

Now we will feel no rain,
For each of us will be shelter to the other.

Now we will feel no cold,
For each of us will be warmth to the other.

Now there is no more loneliness,
For each of  us will be companion to the other.

Now we are two bodies,
But there is only one life before us.

Now we go to our dwelling place
To enter into the days of our togetherness

And may our days be good and long
upon the earth.                        Aho


Friend's words adds years of active life to hospitalized patient. The patient was a woman of 85 with heart trouble. The doctor had just been in to break the news to her. She was very distraught as she told her visiting friend of the doctor's words. She would be very weak, mostly bedridden for maybe two years, that's all she had left. Well, the good friend- this woman of courage and conviction, looked straight at the scared patient saying "and who is he to tell you this, is he God?" "No one can know, how can he presume to tell you this?" Maybe she said more, I just know when I heard the story it was 7 years later and the heart patient was doing fine!

Sometimes we need the tough times. There was a kind man,  a person who really felt pleasure in helping others. He was also a jogger and got out on his favorite route every day. He passed a little park and one day he noticed a butterfly chrysalis attached to a branch near the bench. He slowed and thought about the wonder of the transformation that was happening. The next day he stopped by the bench, and yes, there was part of the insect visible through the membrane of the caterpillar's chamber and that was maybe opening a little! The kind man thought he would give a hand to the butterfly as it seemed to struggle to free itself. He very carefully tore away the membrane from the butterfly and let it rest out in the sunshine. As he continued on his run, he though of the butterfly flying out to the flowers. That did not happen. On the return run, as the man approached the bench, the still beautiful butterfly lay dead. It did not have the opportunity to struggle, to pump the fluids to its wings, to pace itself as it emerged into the world. It's not always easy to watch others struggle, to go through their learning and growing, yet, necessary!

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