Scheduling automation built just for recruiting teams

Connect with and hire top candidates faster.

Scheduling automation built just for recruiting teams

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saved in time to hire

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faster time to schedule

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less scheduling time

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Create the best first impression.

Coordinate interviews faster
Put your candidates first
Integrate with your ATS
Manage recruiting operations centrally
Get actionable data
Coordinate interviews faster

Coordinate interviews faster

Let Calendly's Prelude identify times that work for all parties, send personalized calendar invitations and reminders, and update your applicant tracking system — so you can focus on the candidate.

Put your candidates first

Put your candidates first

Improve the candidate experience with easy scheduling, automated communications, and personalized, branded landing pages.

Integrate with your ATS

Integrate with your ATS

Applicant tracking system integrations allow you to schedule interviews or request candidate availability right from the candidate's ATS profile.

Manage recruiting operations centrally

Manage recruiting operations centrally

Interviewer preferences, time zones, and competencies for all of your company's interviewers are stored and shared centrally, so building diverse, inclusive panels is a breeze.

Get actionable data

Uncover scheduling trends

Easy-to-understand analytics help you balance the interview load across your company, plan capacity for the future, get a handle on declines and reschedules, and more.

Hire top candidates faster

Automate scheduling for even the most complex interview scenarios


Real people, real results

High-performing recruiting teams rely on Calendly's Prelude to hire top candidates faster.

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“[Calendly's] Prelude came at a pivotal moment of growth for us. Before we spent almost all day scheduling and rescheduling interviews until Prelude increased our scheduling speed and automated some of our core processes, it enabled us to take on even more and expand our business impact.”

Tyler Patterson, Airtable

Tyler Patterson

Recruiting Manager, Coordination and Operations, Airtable

"We absolutely needed a tool like Calendly's Prelude to scale our business. Being able to drive our decisions based on data, being able to influence our stakeholders and showcasing also our work, the many tasks that our schedulers and our talent ops are doing that are often overlooked.”

Rebecca Schmidt, Thoughtworks

Rebecca Schmidt

Global Head of Programs, Thoughtworks

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 “When I look back at where we were pre-Prelude and then compare it to our current recruiting process, it feels like we’ve advanced light years. Working on high-value candidate experience projects is a passion that I didn’t feel I had the time or resources to commit to before, and one that truly makes an impact in how candidates feel about working at Policygenius.”

Andrea Brent - Policygenius headshot

Andrea Brent

Recruiting Operations Specialist, Policygenius

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“The team is always willing to jump on a call, listen to us, and partner on solutions and strategies to improve our candidate experience. We were then and are now excited to partner on the next iterations of the Prelude platform.”

Kathryn Thane - Samsara headshot

Kathryn Thane

Manager, Recruiting Operations, Samsara

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“[Calendly's Prelude] has completely transformed our processes … most importantly, [we can deliver] a memorable candidate experience that sets us apart from our industry peers."

Danny Cao

Internship Program Manager, Glassdoor


Never lose another top candidate

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Candidate self-scheduling

Designed for one-on-one or group interviews, Bookings allow candidates to pick the date and time that works best for them. Bookings can be sent to candidates ad-hoc or in bulk. 

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Complex, multi-part interview scheduling

Coordinate any interview schedule, no matter how complex, in a few clicks. Just pick your interview types and desired order, and Prelude will identify options to choose from based on live calendar availability. 

Prelude - Integrations

Keep everything in sync

Calendly's Prelude automatically syncs with the tools you rely on every day — applicant tracking systems, video conferencing, calendars, Slack, and coding assessment tools — and serves as the single source of truth for your recruiting team.

Prelude - Interviewer Training

Grow your interviewer bench

Build up your interviewer bench faster when you incorporate training into your scheduling process. Add trainees to relevant interviews in just a click and easily track everyone’s progress.

Prelude- Improve your recruiting process

Improve your recruiting process

Hit your hiring goals faster with actionable analytics and insights, from scheduling metrics to interviewer capacity and more.

Prelude - Integrations

Integrations and Extensions

Boost productivity with integrations that fold right into your workflow.

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