Introducing Calendly Routing Forms, a Step Towards Omnichannel Scheduling

Introducing Calendly Routing Forms, a Step Towards Omnichannel Scheduling

New automation feature powers team productivity while helping prioritize higher-quality business connections

May 11, 2022

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Calendly, the modern scheduling platform for high-performing teams and individuals, today released Calendly Routing Forms, an automation feature that helps teams be more productive and provide a customer-centric scheduling experience through their organization’s website or via a link. Calendly Routing Forms use screening questions and routing logic to make it simple and efficient for teams to automate evaluating prospect and customer needs before routing them to a specific booking page to schedule a meeting.

As organizations lean into hybrid work and providing a customer-centric experience – whether in-person, over email, or across their website – they recognize an increased need to minimize friction at the first touchpoint. Calendly Routing Forms delivers business value and productivity with automated workflows to help teams deepen business relationships and connect with prospects faster.“

We’re building for a digital-first, time-oriented workforce where first impressions begin with your website and being responsive from the moment of engagement makes a difference,” says Annie Pearl, chief product officer at Calendly.

“Calendly Routing Forms is a step towards providing the ultimate omnichannel scheduling experience as we give organizations a scalable automation solution that helps them better understand customers’ and prospects’ needs in a timely manner.”

Calendly Routing Forms makes it easy to create routing rules for teams in a wide range of industries and across many use cases. Sales teams can design their intake form to help them prioritize or close high-value leads by scheduling demos based on the company’s industry, size, and other requirements to connect with a prospect fastest. Marketing teams can direct qualified website visitors to the sales team immediately by asking a question about company size. Customer success teams are able to route customers with a technical or billing issue to a help center or directly to a support team member’s Calendly booking page to discuss.

Calendly admins and owners can easily create and manage intake forms for teams within a few minutes, or export them for internal review. Once published, Calendly Routing Forms can be embedded into a website and/or shared externally by teams via a link.

Calendly Routing Forms are available on Calendly Professionals, Teams, and Enterprise Plans. For more information, read the blog post.

Routing Forms precedes the company’s release of an advanced routing solution expected in late 2022. The solution will offer a smarter way to route inquiries through integrations with sales and marketing tools that fold seamlessly into existing enterprise tech stacks and workflows.

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