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Speed up your sales cycle and increase revenue

Keep meetings moving forward so you can focus on engaging your prospects and closing more deals.


More deals closed



Increase in demos scheduled



Of sales teams achieve faster sales cycles

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Calendly’s features for Sales teams

Be the first vendor to respond
Fill pipeline and book more demos

Be the first vendor to respond

Schedule more revenue-generating meetings and connect with prospects before a competitor does by optimizing outbound sales efforts and getting prospects to book from your website or team scheduling page to support inbound sales.

Keep prospects engaged in between meetings
Improve the prospect experience

Keep prospects engaged in between meetings

Set up pre- and post-meeting automations to exceed prospect expectations: send email or text reminders, share collateral, send thank-you emails, and request follow-up meetings.

Don’t lose a prospect you’ve been investing in
Accelerate your sales cycle

Don’t lose a prospect you’ve been investing in

Get all of your meetings—from discovery to demos and technical calls to pricing discussions and procurement—scheduled faster.

Connect the right people at the right time
Increase your win rate

Connect the right people at the right time

Include all of the necessary team members and stakeholders from both sides to get buy-in at every stage.


Real people,
real results

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our happy customers are saying.

"A good tool is one that’s so simple, sales reps can basically forget about it and let the meetings roll in. That’s what happened when we implemented Calendly."

Julia Pan

Sales Enablement Manager, SignPost

The easiest way to schedule, prepare, and follow-up with prospects

The easiest way to schedule, prepare, and follow-up with prospects

Book meetings with more prospects, provide the best prospect experience, and get that deal closed. Calendly helps you drive more revenue, meeting by meeting.

Calendly’s Workflows help automate, standardize, and manage communications that should happen before and after meetings. Plus, you can automatically update lead records with any meeting booked using our CRM integrations.


Serve your best leads right away and keep them engaged


Stalled or lost deals from:

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    Back-and-forth email delays

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    Leads that went cold

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    Unknown prospect needs

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    Coordinating internal calendars

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    No-shows & cancellations

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    Inconsistent follow-up


100% increase in demos scheduled

Let Calendly be your sales assistant

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    Share your link anywhere

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    Instantly schedule with top leads

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    Setup pre-call discovery questions before booking

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    Co-host with your team

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    Automatically send reminders & follow-ups

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    Customize meeting workflows

Head of East Coast Sales Team at Bitly

"Not only do the SDRs come in with a whole calendar of prospects to speak with, they have more prospects show up to their meetings."

Dave RotholzBitly, Head of East Coast Sales Team
Calendly features

Automate to accomplish more

Integrate with Salesforce and CRM Tools

Integrate with Salesforce and CRM Tools

Update leads, contacts, and opportunities in real-time without spending time on data entry. 

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly into your website for one-click booking that increases speed-to-lead.

Lead Routing Sales Specific

Connect with high-value leads

Don’t miss sales opportunities—instantly book qualified meetings from your website and match known leads and customers to reps via Salesforce ownership.

Create Workflows

Create Workflows

Automatically send personalized emails and texts to prospects before and after your meetings.

With Calendly, sales prospects can book a meeting on your website to jumpstart inbound sales.

Connect Calendars

Integrate with Google, Microsoft, and Apple and coordinate multiple calendars.



Download browser extensions to easily add times to email, integrate with LinkedIn, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Discover activity and trends — such as popular meeting times, top performers, in-demand meeting types, and more.

Make it your own

That’s not all

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, your day is
cleared for accomplishment.

Use custom branding

Use custom branding

Remove Calendly branding and personalize your scheduling pages with your branding for a customized experience.

Control your availability

Control your availability

Add buffers before or after a meeting and use daily limits to cap how many meetings you take.


Pricing Plans

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone your day is cleared for accomplishment.




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