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Dima Fleshler

Dima Fleshler
Mar. 02, 2022

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The best automation just works. It’s simple, and it’s there for you when and where you need it, so you easily get more done with fewer delays. 

Calendly takes the back-and-forth out of scheduling meetings, and our Chrome and Firefox extensions are the quickest way to share when you’re available without interrupting your workflow. Access your personal or shared event types, embed times right in an email or LinkedIn Messaging window, or easily select the times you’d like to offer and create a customized one-off invite on the fly.

Adding a Calendly plugin to your browser toolbar helps you work smarter and share your availability faster so you stay a step ahead. And, when you use your browser with Gmail or LinkedIn for appointment scheduling, you get the functionality to book meetings without the hassle of leaving your inbox or browser window.

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6 ways to work smarter using Calendly’s Chrome extension

The Calendly for Chrome extension puts your availability at your fingertips. Schedule meetings from Gmail, LinkedIn, or any other browser window without having to switch between apps. This guide helps you take advantage of the add-on so it’s even easier to use Calendly throughout your workflow.

1. Access all your Event Types from anywhere

The Calendly extension sidebar is the fastest way to select and share your scheduling links. In just one click, you can copy your link to share in an email or another messaging platform to get a meeting scheduled faster.

Hot Tip

“Star” your favorite Calendly links for even quicker access to your most popular event types.

Calendly for Chrome starred event types

2. Schedule meetings exactly when you want them

One-off meetings let you control when someone might schedule with you by selecting only the specific times you want to offer. Create a one-off meeting by selecting availability from your calendar, copying it to the clipboard, and embedding your selected time slots into your email. You can also override existing events on your calendar for important meetings you need to schedule as soon as possible.

Calendly for Chrome one-off

3. Have the meetings you need without ever leaving Gmail or LinkedIn

Adding the Calendly extension to your browser adds powerful scheduling automation directly to your Gmail inbox and LinkedIn Messaging, enabling you to embed meeting times without skipping a beat. Copy and paste a scheduling link for your most popular Event Types. Or, create a one-off meeting and include your teammates, too. You can embed the times right into the message or create a unique scheduling link.

Animated GIF showing Calendly functionality embedded in Gmail
Image of Calendly functionality embedded in LinkedIn Messaging window

To protect your privacy and avoid unwanted meetings, you can generate a unique link associated with an Event Type. Once your invitee schedules, the link expires. The single-use link prevents someone from sharing your link with others who could book meetings on your calendar without permission.

Calendly for Chrome single use link

5. Stay organized and simplify shared meetings with teammates

Add internal notes to your scheduling links in the extension sidebar. These notifications (for yourself or your teammates) highlight which Calendly event types are the best to use for each meeting. This is a great way to organize shared Event Types without having to open your scheduling software in a new tab.

Calendly for Chrome sidebar notes

6. Work smarter with shortcuts to the app

Calendly for Chrome is the perfect extension for the full Calendly experience. Preview your scheduling page, edit or create new templates of Event Types, view scheduled events, and more using handy shortcuts right in the extension.

Add the Calendly Chrome extension to your browser today 

If you haven’t downloaded the extension yet, get started now. Setup takes just a few minutes. And don’t worry about the pricing — it’s completely free!

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Dima Fleshler

Dima Fleshler

Dima Fleshler is a Senior Product Manager leading Calendly’s mobile apps and web clients efforts.

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