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If you have given any thought to the idea of getting a little book out, now is the time to discover how easy and inexpensive it is. You can become an author! Do you have poems or recipes or family stories that just need some organization and set-up? We can get you in print with the book you envision. Electronic filing means no travel involved. (Adobe PDF program needed for you to view and edit your formatted copy.)

Photo Books - Hardcover or Paperback
Photo Restoration and Digital Scans

For the computer-comfortable person, I can help you find your way, answer questions, share my experiences. You Self-Publish - Mentoring starts at $75

For the computer-uncomfortable person
Step-by-step Easy Set-up  to Publish
Start-Up Special – starting at $250.00 (Estimate, depending on what you need)

I will take your file and ideas and use
Interior design and formatting,
Cover design and layout,
Picture placement and scanning,
File conversions and uploads to the printer,
You could have your book in as little as 3-4 weeks!

Rebecca Gurland started self-publishing in 2010, with a growing collection of titles now in print. She has given workshops on How to Self- Publish in Connecticut for several years. Several of her students are now self-published authors. Each has developed a sense of their writing style, as they share their expressions of their world through the printed word.

For details contact:   860-753-2328
(Please leave message with best time for a return call)


"I am so grateful to Rebecca Gurland for taking my stories about my Dad and turning them into a lovely book which I gave my children as a remembrance of their Grandfather.  Rebecca is a creative, talented and enthusiastic person - a pleasure to work with – and a real professional.  She designed my book cover, did the formatting, photographed my old photos and arranged them in the book, listened to what I wanted, and made it happen.  I can’t compliment her enough and I highly recommend her if someone wants to see their writing in a book format.  She has produced a real treasure for me and my family." -  Joanne Yorks, author, Everything’s Copacetic

"If you have ever wondered how to put a book together, how to begin, where to begin, and who to work with, I highly recommend Rebecca Gurland. Her knowledge about the self-publishing industry, how to design with heart, and her ability to hear you is a cushion of comfort through the turbulent world of publishing. We have been collaborating for a year and it continues to be a nourishing and awakening experience. Things which appear difficult and frightening are smoothed and the door to the written dream comes alive. So leap into the worlds of Rebecca Gurland's vast knowledge and experience your written word developed into a book format.  Our world needs to hear from you as all of us continue to create the musical notes of words." - Charlotte S. Hunter, author, Just Another Experience On Planet Earth

"I can confidently recommend Rebecca's formatting services. After struggling on my own with a few formatting issues, Rebecca was able to turn those issues around, and in a timely manner. I'm grateful for the work she does." -Pearle Lake, author, An Uncomplicated Look At Intuition, Energy, The Other Side And More.