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I feel that Rebecca's wisdom in many areas and subjects along with her kind and caring personality facilitates healing on many levels. She is able to help people get to their deeper core issues, using THE FIVE DOORS TO HEALING! Many magical and profound things have happened at her hand!
Stephanie Munley, massage therapist, energy healer

Rebecca has devoted countless hours to the study and practice of EFT, energy medicine and macrobiotic cooking. She is adept at teaching the essence of what she has learned. In the course of a single day's workshop I was enabled to apply all three modalities in my own life, with great benefit.
Leslie Reincke, Willimantic, CT

Rebecca is a master teacher.  Whatever issues one would like to work on, she offers a variety of modalities to  bring oneself back into balance: tapping, dowsing, diet, vision work, and more.  She is a delight to work with because of her enthusiasm, capacity to listen, and desire to find the right information or practice that can help her clients’ specific situation. Rebecca is not only a teacher, but a student of life, always open to new ideas and ways to live this life in the fullest, richest way possible.
Joanne Yorks, Storrs, CT

It is an honor to work with Rebecca who is filled with compassion, understanding, and love. Our work together in the various techniques she has mastered continues to be a guiding force in my life. Part of her work she calls the five doors, but I call her the wizard of techniques helping you to find clarity and wisdom during times of discomfort. 
Charlotte S. Hunter, US Director, Pocketful of Joy, Inc

Since doing EFT with Rebecca and learning to tap on my own, I’ve found relief from obsessive, negative thoughts and help in coping with feelings of anger and fear. I found that I get a sense of well-being with EFT. It allows me to forgive myself.
Will T., Storrs, CT