Calendly Unveils New Developer Portal with API Suite

Calendly Unveils New Developer Portal with API Suite

New portal enables powerful, custom integrations to save time with scheduling automation.

March 31, 2022

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Calendly, the modern scheduling platform for high-performing teams and individuals, today announced a new Developer Portal allowing customers and partners to embed, build, and integrate custom applications through the company’s suite of APIs. The portal gives developers access to tutorials, sample code, developer guides, and API references to easily integrate Calendly’s scheduling functionality into their software and improve productivity.

Developers can integrate Calendly to trigger scheduling-related actions in real-time within their applications, such as when a user schedules, cancels, or reschedules events.

With the custom integrations, administrators can instantly share Calendly scheduling page links for their team members from their applications. Administrators can seamlessly share their organization's availability to provide a simple, efficient booking experience for prospects, clients, and others.

Customers can track and report on scheduled team meetings to make informed decisions based on data insights, such as time spent in meetings or numbers of meetings held to reach a sale.

Calendly’s Embed API allows customers to embed Calendly on their website and display a scheduling page for instant booking.

Digital agility is the new business strategy, and the best way to achieve it is by modernizing your tech stack with the tools to empower your people and customers.

Alka Tandon

Head of Product, Enterprise, and Ecosystem at Calendly

“With our APIs, we’re making it faster and easier than ever to embed Calendly within current processes and workflows so your organization can focus on doing its best work and less time on scheduling.”

Calendly APIs are available to anyone with a Calendly account. To access and build with Calendly Webhooks, customers must be on Calendly’s Professional, Teams, or Enterprise Plan.Visit the new Developer Portal and blog post to learn more.

About Calendly

Calendly helps individuals, teams, and organizations automate the meeting lifecycle by removing the back and forth with scheduling. Calendly’s cloud-based platform offers a new layer of the modern digital technology stack by connecting with critical tools to automate scheduling workflows, creates a more delightful customer experience, and provides insightful, measurable data to drive better business outcomes. Today, over 20 million users across 230+ countries use Calendly to simplify meetings, collaborate more effectively and efficiently, and drive business forward. To learn more, visit Calendly.com.