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Water ~ It's In Our Nature!

It's another of those paradoxical truths! The need for water, for proper hydration, is so important. After all, we are approx. 70% water, every one of our billons of cells!

So on one hand...... perhaps some people don't really think about how much liquid they are getting during their day. Coffee and tea, soda and juice, glass of wine, that seems like it's adding up to enough. Actually, the truth is that many things are dehydrating to the cells of our body. Think of how most people have more trips to the bathroom when drinking coffee or wine! From proper respiratory function to healthy and easy elimination and great skin, enough water makes the difference!

On the other hand... A commonly held idea is that everyone needs 8-10 glass of pure water every day, needs some looking into. The original report on the need of that amount of water included the following information: this liquid may be in the form or soup, cooked food, etc. Also, this need of 8-10 glasses is really addressing the needs of the majority of people here who have a high acidic level in the body to be flushed, due to more animal and processed foods. The kidney is said to be the size of one of our ears, so this small organ can be overworked.

An easy and simple way to assure adequate liquid is to have a drink after each meal and when thirst calls. Watch out for the caffeine and alcohol and carbonated drinks or you will need lots more water.

Be aware to gather your force of the water element!

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