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Rebecca&birch Hi, My name is Rebecca Gurland.

For the past 30 years I have has been exploring the energetic, unseen paths to healing. It started with the practice of meditation at the time of some life changes around 30. I learned palm healing (with Don Hayes, Portland, CT), studied herbs (mostly on my own, from books and lots of experimenting), and found myself delving into astrology (with various teachers and books) and some yoga practices and study (with Swami Satchidananda and more books). I started teaching in my college years, (pre-school), so it was a natural thing to want to share these new interests.

Great positive changes continued with understandings of macrobiotic cuisine and lifestyle - studying and cooking up a storm! (with fantastic teachers at Kushi Institute, Becket, MA), and I shared my enthusiam teaching natural cooking classes. Over the years I also went on to include the practice of Reiki (master level).

More life changes started after meeting Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine paradigm. Study and practice with her advanced classes is incredibly enriching. Energy psychology (emotional freedom tapping techniques.) studies came along next, immersing myself in the advanced materials of David Feinstein and Gary Craig. These fields incorporate kinesiology and dowsing, and I now love these methods to enhance our understandings and insights. For many years Merrill Cook and I have been teaching Donna Eden Energy Medicine at Champlion's Natural Food Store.

It may seem that these are diverse interests- yet, it is all about energy. We want to balance and increase that invisible force- our life force of energy. All the fields that I've been studying are different doorways to optimizing that energy. With practice we can feel these fields, our energies.

I have been manager of Champlion’s Natural Food store [Storrs, CT]  since 1989, learning and being inspired by many fantastic customers and friends. Since about that time I have also been making and selling the wonderful and unique buckwheat hull pillows and supports- find out more about them at www.Pillowcrafters.com

You may email questions and comments.